“Education is the key to future”

“Education is the key to future.” Despite differences in cultures, languages and environments, kindergarten education, which renders children the chance to interact with friends of the same age happily, plays an important role in shaping who a person is. As a new comer in Romania, I would like to know how kindergarten education is shaping kids. As from what I observed from my visit to Cuibusorul Zanelor Kindergarten, I am stunned by how active and joyful these small angels are!

The first thing I saw in the place was a spacious room full of colourful drawings and decorations for kids, and then it waves of echoes of laughter from the surrounding rooms of children. I once worried about not being able to draw the kids’ attention as they may not have a sense of countries and geography, not to mention a distant place called Hong Kong. Yet, when I tried to show them pictures of Hong Kong they were surprisingly attentive and quiet. I couldn’t tell if they understand what I am trying to convey through photos and videos, but from their cute faces I am sure that they rejoiced in the small activity I prepared for them, i.e. to draw the flag of Hong Kong. Though they drew signs of irregular shapes and patterns which are awfully different from the genuine one (some even drew me a bauhinia of over ten petals), to me, they are perfect. Perfect in a sense that they are able to imagine without boundaries, not having to delineate what exactly should be drawn and thus are able to be resilient to changes.

I don’t know if I managed to introduce Hong Kong to them, but for sure, I managed to bring them at least an hour of joy and happiness, which I myself cherished a lot.

Kingsley Tam, Hong Kong

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